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Alejandro Barahona
Project Manager @ La Agencia de Orci

Norma is a very knowledgeable professional, a wonderful individual and a world class linguist. Working with her was a pleasure and I am looking forward to work with her again. I recommend her without any questions.

Yvonne Stegall
Owner @ TransNation, Inc.

First impressions are crucial in securing new clients. Norma assures that our clients are impressed with our services from the very start.

Norma is all-around the kind of translator you would want working for you!
If I had to pick just one thing - meets every deadline - no excuses once committed to a project.

Excellent performance by [Norma] allows TN to provide excellent services to our clients.

Susan Smith
Project Manager @ TransNation, Inc.

Thank you so much for always being so easy to work with. I really appreciate it.

It would be impossible to do my job without your help, as you provide the Spanish translation for nearly half of all the projects I work on here. I depend on your expertise in terminology and language.

You are very responsive, conscientious, knowledgeable and always deliver on time. You are a pleasure to work with, never any drama.

Ray Estrada

Norma Sanchez provided a translation services for a document for us in 2011.
We needed these translations completed within a day. She not only had her team finish them, but they were done very well! Thank you Norma for all that you did.  January 25, 2012

Marilyn Retta

NORMA SÁNCHEZ is a true professional. Her work is excellent and she is reliable and consistent. It's always been a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her. July 26, 2012

Carol Shaw
Norma is a respected colleague upon whom I have called for help with large projects from time to time. Invariably, the results are excellent and timely. Her creative approach to children's stories is especially appreciated. Norma has also provided backup for me when I've been absent, serving my clients with integrity and quality.  July 30, 2012

Kristha Archila

I worked with Norma for about four years and I can describe her work ethics as one of the best I've ever known. She is an excellent translator with lots of experience and is very reliable and always on time. She is a professional in her field and knows the translation tools really well. Not to mention her charismatic personality that has made her become a true leader in one of the most important translation and interpreters associations in town. I would definitely recommend Norma as a translator to anyone interested in quality translations and personable fast service. July 30, 2012

Adèle Pool,
Project Manager
- TransNation Translations, Inc.

We have worked with Norma for many years and her quality of work has always been top notch. Her positive attitude makes her one of our favorite translators.
She always delivers all her assigned projects on time, sometimes even ahead of schedule! We hope to be able to use her translation services for many more years to come.